What we are doing ?

We have created Znane Bot which is analyzing top most popular websites in the World Wide Web. Due to small scale of our organization we are not be able to analyze whole Web so if want to add your website to our Bot queue please use Add URL form to do that. We promise that your site will be reviewed as soon as possible.

What technology do we use ?

Our bot is analyzing only most popular websites according to reliable sources like Alexa Rank, Web Archive, Dmoz etc. It simple parse websites content and compare it with search engine results pages giving you opportunity to check in-depth data as: meta tags, top competition, top keywords, number of links, Alexa Rank, domain variation - which can be bought or free.

Who is it for ?

For you and for everyone who are interested in in-depth research of biggest "web sharks" in World Wide Web. Teaching from successful websites can improve your thinking path and make your business more profitable and make from you a winner.

How can you ensure the quality of your results ?

We are monitoring websites almost real-time so the data collected by us should be very accurate. Even they are not in some cases we believe that less than perfect results can be also very helpful and become a great help for Internet users.